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I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Häffner group at UC Berkeley and the NSF Challenge Institute for Quantum Computation (CIQC). I’m also a graduate student intern in the OVER-QC group at Sandia National Laboratories. My research interests include trapped-ion quantum computing, quantum circuit synthesis, and experimental verification of analog quantum simulations.

For more about me, see the About page.

Recent Papers

Efficient verification of continuously-parameterized quantum gates
Ryan Shaffer, Hang Ren, Emiliia Dyrenkova, Christopher G. Yale, Daniel S. Lobser, Ashlyn D. Burch, Matthew N. H. Chow, Melissa C. Revelle, Susan M. Clark, Hartmut Häffner
arXiv:2205.13074 (2022)

Surrogate-based optimization for variational quantum algorithms
Ryan Shaffer, Lucas Kocia, Mohan Sarovar
arXiv:2204.05451 (2022)

Practical verification protocols for analog quantum simulators
Ryan Shaffer, Eli Megidish, Joseph Broz, Wei-Ting Chen, Hartmut Häffner
npj Quantum Information 7, 46 (2021)

See my Google Scholar page for a complete list.

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